The four real reasons why we can’t move forward (1/6)

The symptoms are often there but we don’t see or hear them. As a result, it blocks the process of life change. Let’s analyze why. For months now, Francis has been suffering from a nagging migraine and back pain. Logic: he has been filling his head with questions that remain unanswered. He feels like he’s […]

The 4 steps (and their timing) for a deep and lasting transformation (3/6)

It is better to climb, or move, a mountain in stages. It is the same when you want to change your life. Structuring allows you to determine progressive phases and to be reassured of their feasibility. What strikes me most often in people who are prostrated by the fear of change is the irrationality that […]

It’s impossible to change that fast! (5/6)

It’s all about beliefs and mindset. A good reframing made by a seasoned coach can lead instantly to a paradigm shift, to a new state of mind. All that remains is to implement this change, and that’s where support is meaningful and necessary. Moscow, 2015. I am performing one of my favorite exercise, namely to […]

The 7 tools to change your life (6/6)

Let’s discover the seven-step process that will help you change your life. After you’ll be through, the next question will be: Will you do it all alone or, like to leaders, you will find it more effective to accept to be supported in the process? As promised, I am taking you behind the scenes of […]