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Established in 1981, Cannio Coaching was named Media 4 at a time that coaching was not yet known in Europe.
The company specialized in corporate and interpersonal communication and in leadership.

Since the early 2000s, Cannio Coaching has gradually created a network of coaches from all over the world: Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia/Middle East and North Africa.
This was facilitated by Sylviane’s involvement with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), where she was a member of the Global Board between 2008 and 2010, Global Vice President in 2010 and a member of the Regional Advisory Council for the Europe-Africa and Middle East zone.

The company’s solid foundation is built on the strength of its partners – world-class coaches, renowned both in their respective countries and within the ICF or the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), within which they currently play, or have played, an active role.

All partners have credible leadership and communication experience, with hands-on management experience of both teams and businesses.


Sylviane shares her vision of the post-COVID 19 world in the framework of the motion movie ‘A Legacy of Giants’ of the award-winning producer and director Tiago Mesquita. The interview lasted more than five hours… confirming the high level of the discussion.

Sylviane cannio canniocoaching


Sylviane cannio coaching


Our values are:

Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
Meditation helps enhance the quality of listening and presence. Here in Sillustani, 20 km away from the Titicaca lake in Peru.
Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
The ICF Global Board Directors in 2010, among which Sylviane and the President Karen Tweedie (who is part of the network, in the middle).

A leader : Sylviane Cannio


Sylviane receives an Award for her Leadership during her three-year mandate in the Global Board of Directors of the ICF, 2010.

At the dawn of Coaching in Belgium:

Sylviane is one of the pioneers of coaching in Belgium – with more than 6,000 hours of coaching. She started by adopting a “coach attitude” while training executives (1994) and mentoring students at the university (University of Wales/ teaching Corporate Strategy).

She, then, progressively implemented the coaching competencies with corporate teams and getting experience with teams in large and smaller organizations. In 2001, she pursued the basic and the professional coaching programs at Mozaik, Paris and Lille and, later with Alain Cardon.

She also went through a pallet of programs on various tools, totaling more than 20 days of training per year: in NLP (she is Master-Practitioner), in Transactional Analysis (she followed classes until level 6), in Coaching across Cultures, MBTI, PCM, Team Coaching, Neuro-Leadership & Sciences, Belbin, Coach Supervision, and many others.

Corporate spirit and approach:

Her strong point is that she combines her management skills (at IBM, Procter & Gamble and smaller corporations), her knowledge of the corporate strategy, marketing, communication (that she was teaching at the university and broadly applying for public institutions, large multinationals and smaller businesses) and her skills in psychology and in interpersonal communications.

On top of mentoring and training them, she started to coach executives on an individual basis in 2002 and continued coaching teams. Today, she works with CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other member of Executive Committees, mainly in larger corporations such as Engie, Electrabel, Tractebel, Levi’s, Schlumberger, Zoetis/Pfizer Animal Health, Danone, Chartis Europe, Solvay, RTL Television, Dupuis, National Bank of Belgium, Sony, Korn Ferry International, etc. Also for international institutions such as World Health Organization, World Food Program, European Commission, European Economic and Social Committee.

Sylviane is a Master Certified Coach, the highest international recognized certification level for Coaching by the ICF and is also accredited as Master Practitioner by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and accredited as Supervisor ESIA by the EMCC. Since 2021, she is the ONLY coach in the French-speaking zone to have the triple accreditation: MCC/ICF, MP/EMCC and ESIA/EMCC. And she is amongst the 15 supervisors in the world to be trained as team coaching supervisors. 

She is a well-appreciated mentor. She started mentoring students at the University of Louvain in 1984. She continued mentoring them throughout her academic life, until 2006. Since then, she has been mentoring coaches and future coaches in the framework of three coaching schools, the latest one being Nova Terra between 2011 and 2020. Today, she teaches mentoring in China and supervision in the French-speaking countries.

Commitment to professional federations:

In 2010, she was Vice-President of the International Coach Federation and part of the Global Board between 2008 and 2010. As former President of the Belgian chapter of the ICF, she is the organizer of the European Coaching Conference of 2006. Between 2014 and 2016, she has been one of the five members of the Regional Advisory Council of the ICF for the EMEA Region.

Keen at bridging peoples and groups, she made the connection between the ICF and the EMCC while organizing the ECC in Brussels in 2006 and this lead to a mutual definition of the coaching profession to the European Social & Economic Committee.

Her involvement with the two international federations for so many years has enabled her to build a network of world-class coaches that she knows well from having shared many projects with them. It is this network that is the basis of Cannio Coaching today.

The EMCC appoints her since 2021 as assessor for future Master Practitioners, Supervisors and for programs (EQA, ESQA, ETQA). 

She is an international keynote speaker with experience in front of large audiences in: Europe, Peru, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, USA, Morocco, South Africa, China, Russia, etc. Her speaking style is very much interactive; she dares asking large audiences to be engaged in the process and obtains high satisfaction rates.

Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
In Dublin with Timothy Gallwey, the other father of modern coaching and author of the books “The Inner game of Tennis/Ski/Golf/Work”, 2019.
Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
With Fran Fisher, preparing their book on Unconditional Love, 2018.
Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
In Montreal, 2010, with Viviane Launer, signing their book ‘Coaching Excellence’ (Lid Publishing).
Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
In Madrid, 2009, with Richard Barrett, leadership guru and author of the fantastic book ‘The Corporate Soul’.
Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
In Madrid, 2009, with Julio Olalla, the father of ontological coaching.
Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
Again together in Peru, first at the Machu Picchu, then at the first ICF latino-Americana conference in 2009.
Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
In Philadelphia, 2009, for the definition of ICF’s image in the world, with Magda Mook, Executive Director and William Arruda, the guru of branding (on the right). In the middle in green, the regretted Kay Cannon and in black the presidents Giovanna D’Alessio and Karen Tweedie.
Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
With Richard Strozzi, the father of Somatic Coaching, 2008.
Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
In Lima, 2008, for the grand opening of the Peruvian ICF Chapter – Sylviane is their god mother.
Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
In San Jose, California, 2008, with John Whitmore, one of the fathers of modern coaching and author of the renowned ‘Coaching for Performance’ best-seller.
Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
Walking… in serenity
Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
To be as close as possible to animals and nature (cultivating her own vegetables) is another passion for Sylviane
Sylviane cannio canniocoaching
With her beloved son Jason in Shanghai, 2019