Regain my energy and my inner peace despite the difficult period I am going through.

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What you will discover during this Free conference

Chronicle announced of a loss of performance

Mistakes commonly made by executives and business leaders who find themselves facing a major life change and who are nevertheless required to perform in front of their teams.

How to get away from the past

How to learn to accept a transition and stop fighting the uncontrollable? By refusing a transition, we create illusions that only delay the process. Understanding the blocking already allows you to move forward.

How to experience true emotions

Accepting your emotions is already taking a big step towards acceptance. Fear, anger, sadness are not negative emotions, they allow you to free yourself if you experience them at the right time and in an authentic way.

Rebuilding yourself gently

Rebuild your image and self-esteem. Accepting yourself with your wounds, looking at yourself with kindness. Recreate the foundations of stability in a changing world. Rediscover hope and imagine the end of the tunnel to finally see it.

The 12-step model

The Evolution Loops® model will accompany you to change the dimensions of your life and allow you to go forward and regain energy and performance while having integrated the lessons.

Learn lessons and grow

You will discover that any difficult situation hides a hidden gift, a new opportunity and, often, a new ambition for life. Hard to believe ? Several examples will give you courage and hope.

Not yet convinced?

Here are some examples of people I have helped in different aspects of their lives

Who is the organizer of this conference?

A specialist in life transitions, a mentor and coach, Sylviane Cannio has been a champion of resilience since her childhood, faced with the divorce of her parents, multiple moves and then the death of her father at the age of 6.5. His life is a series of transitions, which have become his way of life, with curiosity, serenity and inner peace.
Mentor since 1983 at the university then, at the end of the 90s, she discovered coaching and became professional. Master Coach Certified ICF since 2009 and pioneer of coaching in Belgium with more than 6,000 hours of practice, she has supported hundreds of executives and business leaders, as well as their teams.

An economist by training, MBA, she worked in two large American groups, taught strategy and business communication for 17 years at the University. At the head of her own structure since the 80s, and constantly in training, she has developed her own models which she shares in her books, her conferences and especially as part of her individual and team support – her passion .

Her favorite themes: managing life transitions while maintaining performance, managing health and stress, growing in all circumstances, learning to value yourself – loving yourself unconditionally in its “magnificent imperfection”



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Retrouver mon énergie et ma paix intérieure malgré

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