Executive Coaching

Executives face numerous challenges in their day-to-day life

They must display qualities of top leaders (inspirers, visionaries, team leaders),
of top performers (yielding financial results through a high productivity),

of being able to think strategically whilst being faced by numerous little items to be solved (macro managing vs. micromanaging)
and yet maintaining their sustainability in the longer run (life balance, a good health, connection with their body) as well as their ability to react fast and effectively in case of crisis.

On top, they often feel alone at the top as they cannot share their thoughts and difficulties with anyone around them. This is often considered a moral burden.

Sylviane cannio canniocoaching

Why choose us?

Sylviane cannio coaching
Appreciated executives who are challenged in more personal areas, especially on the purpose, the meaning of their actions.

Testimony of Alain Delava
, Global Chief Information Security Officer, ENGIE

Sylviane is an excellent coach with a large experience including with C-level profiles. She has definitely helped me overcome some work-life balance issues and various dimensions of my job. Her coaching has had a very tangible influence on my leadership style.
Sylviane has a very structured approach, starting with a clear mandate that we agree on in the beginning of each coaching session, in order to clearly define a measurable outcome. I appreciate her professionalism, her flexibility to accommodate my schedule, and her discretion.

Four key words illustrate her coaching style:

CARING – she really cares for her client, and this is not only embedded in her posture but also in her process – looking for follow-up, encouraging implementation of behavior change and/or decisions, looking for reasons underlying resistance when they occur, and always celebrating achievements both on the professional and the personal side.

CHALLENGING – she often pushed me out of my comfort zone, and this was precisely what I was expecting from a high-level coaching. Not every coach is able to do so.

EXPERIENCE – she understands the business, the corporate world as well as the human relations in the global and fast-changing context. She was there during the COVID-19 crisis, and it really helped. She is keen at coaching at C-level, understanding major elements such as strategy and politics.

INDUSTRY – I was lucky that she well knows our industrial context – both energy and related services. She has a vast experience of our company’s culture, organization and lines of product and this was useful. And I know that she has similar experiences in other industries as well.

Therefore, I strongly recommend Sylviane as top-level executive coach and mentor. You are in safe hands with her.